Examples of Junk Items that Happy Hauler Hauls Away

Household & Residential Items

Appliances & Machinery Stoves & Ovens Refrigerators & Freezers
Washing Machines & Dryers Furniture Couches & Sofas
Dressers & Nightstands Beds & Mattresses Toilets & Sinks
Computers & Printers Televisions & Monitors Desks & Chairs
Boxes & Cardboard Tree Branches & Leaves Blackberry Bushes

Commercial & Industrial Items

Gravel & Rock Dirt & Sod Roofing Materials
Grass & Brush Clippings Scrap Metal Construction Debris
Lumber & Drywall Cuts Demolition Rubbish Property Cleanouts
Copper & Steel Plywood & Shingles Pallets & Totes
Tires & Rims Old Equipment & Machinery Office Furniture

Here's What Happens...

  • Call (206) 784-0313 or Book Online to Schedule Your No-Risk Appointment
  • A Happy Hauler Operator then Radio-Dispatches Your Information to the Team/Truck Nearest You
  • Our Haulers Arrive and Assess Your Hauling Needs
  • The Driver Calculates an Exact Price (Not an Estimate) Based on Viewing Your Junk Items
  • Your Junk Items are then Loaded into the Truck by Our Haulers, and They Will Clean the Area of Debris
  • The Drivers Accept Payment Arrangements and Haul Away the Rubbish
  • Junk Items are Sorted and Donated or Disposed of After Full Truck Loads as Needed

When you schedule an appointment for your specific time window, the haulers will arrive - and they will give you an exact price (not an estimate) of the cost for removing your debris once they see it.

DON'T MOVE IT!  We're used to moving heavy items. If it's heavy, let US move it because you may only remember us by the pain-in-your-back, if you don't.