HAPPY HAULER Junk Hauling Estimates & Pricing

Happy Hauler Estimates and Pricing

Happy Hauler, like all professional haulers, must bid your job/project in this fashion: once onsite and seeing your junk items, we will give you an ALL-INCLUSIVE EXACT PRICE for loading, hauling, and disposal of your items. After 15 years in business and 10,000's of hauling jobs, we STILL cannot guess the amount or size of your junk items over the phone.

Beware of any company that bids over the phone, as it usually means that they either have limited experience in the hauling business, or they are prepared to up-sell you once they are at your location.

We assure you that all of Happy Hauler Debris Removal Pricing is competitive with industry standards. We look forward to earning your long-term business.

Industry Standards for Pricing

Professional Junk and Trash Removal Companies will NEVER give an EXACT price over the phone. They may give you a ROUGH ESTIMATE over the phone, but never a guaranteed SOLID PRICE. The volume of trash/debris needs to be seen visually before a solid and all-inclusive price can be given and agreed upon. This protects both you, the customer, and our services from being 'off the mark.'

Many companies will display graphics and images on their website, like the examples above, of a truck divided into segments reflecting a 'PRICE,' but when you call, there is no certain guarantee of that price without seeing your debris, junk, trash, or rubbish items.  It's only for 'rough estimation.'  Please keep this in mind when choosing a hauling company.

Here's what Happens when You Call Happy Hauler