About Us

Cleaning up Seattle the Right Way for Over 20 Years

Gets it Gone With a Smile

Since 1998, Happy Hauler has been removing all manner of junk, rubbish, debris, trash, and other unwanted refuse from around the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas. Since we are a smaller family-owned company, there is more of a personal touch to what we do. Simply put, there’s only a handful of people at Happy Hauler, and that allows for everyone to be in direct contact with each other and be more personable with our clients. Our work speaks for itself and we are fortunate to operate mostly by referrals versus paid advertisement. Because of this, we always provide reliable, honest service and professional customer care. Our success depends on our customers’ satisfaction!

Happy Hauler shows up to any job with expert, competent haulers that are trained in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 and OSHA 30, asbestos awareness and 24-hour hazardous material, as well as safe-handling of materials with lead. Happy Hauler employees are also aware of safe lifting techniques and how to safely maneuver items from difficult or tight spaces. We are safe, affordable, and responsible labor.

The burly-looking ant man as our company logo is something that represents Happy Hauler’s mission. Ants collectively operate as a unified entity; and they are successful in an environment because of their social organization and their ability to tap resources. They work together to support the colony. Happy Hauler works together as a family, along with other businesses throughout the community to reduce waste. Happy Hauler is a Reliable, Honest Service dedicated to serving a common good for the community and our clients.



Doing our part for the community and for humanity

As a hauling service, we accommodate different needs and are committed to a happy experience for all. When hauling for a new or returning customer, we come up with the most efficient solution for their junk placing needs. Not all junk is trash and we want to reduce the amount of clutter ending up in landfills. We try to make all contributions as useful as possible; donating to various charities, reusing, or obliging to clients' wishes for replacement.

  • If it can be donated to help charity, we find a home for it
  • If it can’t be donated, it’s recycled or scrapped
  • If it can’t be reused, it’s composted
  • If it requires specialized disposal, we take it to someone with the ability to do so
  • If all other options are not possible, only then do we take it to the appropriate landfill

We provide Reliable, Honest Service.


We are able to work alongside these great businesses to give back to our community:

  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
  • UN Women
  • Mercy Housing
  • Vision House
  • YWCA
  • NAPO: Seattle Area Chapter